Ruins on Summit of Mt. Reizan

Summit of Mt. Reizan

Remains of a mountain temple. Iga ninjutsu has its roots in the Shugendo mountaineering ascetic; the basis of Iga ninjutsu is the war tactics of Yamabushi, completed by combining the Art of War by Sun Tzu and the theory of martial arts. Castle outworks stand on the slope, and many people trained themselves here.

Ruins on Summit of Mt. Reizan
(There is a trail up to the mountain from Reizan-ji Temple)


15 minutes’ drive from Kamitsuge IC or Iga IC on the Meihan Expressway


0595-45-9119(Promotion Section, Iga Office, Iga City)


3471 Shimotsuge aza-dozan, Iga City



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