Tejikara-jinja Shrine,
the guardian deity shrine of
Fujibayashi Nagato-no-kami,
one of the three greatest Iga ninjas

Tejikara-jinja Shrine
Fireworks are set off at Reitaisai (an annual festival) held on October 17th.
There are bells with cords that are said to be the heaviest in Japan in the precinct.

Amenotajikarao-no-mikoto is a deity known for his extreme strength by opening the gigantic Amano-iwato rock door with his divine force when Amaterasu-omikami hid herself behind it in Japanese mythology. It is not clear when the shrine was founded, but it is said that the enshrined deity was welcomed from Togakushi-jinja Shrine in Nagano Prefecture between 1288 and 1292.
The celebration of Tejikara fireworks is held every year on October 17 at Tejikara-jinja Shrine. The origin of the fireworks display is believed to be the act Fujibayashi Nagato-no-kami, a shrine parishioner, dedicating fire to the shrine. Along with Hattori Hanzo and Momochi Tanba-no-kami, he was known as a great master of Iga Ninjutsu (ninja skills) and an expert of fire-based practices.
Gunpowder techniques were passed on through generations and fireworks dedicated to the shrine were hand-made by young people of the village until the 1920’s.

Tejikara-jinja Shrine


15 minutes’ drive from Tsuge Sta. on the JR Kansai Line




1025 Higashiyubune, Iga City



  • Tejikara-jinja Shrine - torii
  • Tejikara-jinja Shrine - Bell cord
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