Atago-jinja Shrine

Atago-jinja Shrine

Atago-jinja Shrine guards against fire and it is located south of Ueno-jo Castle on Nakanotatemachi-Dori Street, at the southern end of the Ueno-jokamachi, the town surrounding the Ueno-jo Castle. The shrine was built in 1616 to fulfill a long-cherished desire of Kotengu Seizo (religion of Shugendo practitioner from Yamade in Iga Province) to build a shrine with feudal lord Todo Takatora as the main financial supporter. Although the shrine is located south in the Ueno-jokamachi, the main hall of the shrine faces east with its side structure facing Ueno-jo Castle. This is believed to be a trace of Kyoun-in Temple that existed here before Takatora built the castle town. The main hall is the only Irimoya-style building with copper shingle roof in Iga and it is designated as a cultural property by the prefecture.

Atago-jinja Shrine


10-minute walk from Kayamachi Sta. of Iga Railway




1830 Ueno Atago-machi, Iga City



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