Ogawa-jo Castle Ruins,
a prefectural historic site

Ogawa-jo Castle Ruins, a prefectural historic site

It is unknown when exactly Ogawa-jo Castle was built, however, it is believed to have been renovated during the Warring States period along with Nishino-shiro Castle and Nakano-shiro Castle. The castle was ruled by the Tarao clan. When the Honnoji Incident occurred in 1582, Tokugawa Ieyasu, who was on an excursion to Sakai, attempted to escape to Mikawa Province with a few of his followers. During their escape, it is said that they sought accommodation in Ogawa-jo Castle for their overnight stay in the Shigaraki region. The Tarao clan's achievements at this time enabled them to become one of the few hereditary deputies during the Edo era.

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