Chikata Kustsu Cave

Chikata Kustsu Cave

During the Heian era, the emperor’s forces suspected Fujiwara-no-Chikata, who ruled Ise and Iga Province, of initiating a rebellious attack against the Emperor. Forced to retreat, Chikata barricaded himself in Chikata Kustsu Cave, accompanied by his four demons of wind, water, gold, and stealth and refused to give in easily. However, when Kino Tomoo, the Emperor’s general shot an arrow declaring, “Whether grass or trees, all living things in this world are ruled by the Emperor, not even the demons can oppose!”, the terrified demons dispersed in all directions leaving Chikata without power. Chikata was therefore defeated.
The ways of the four demons, which surpass human intellect is reminiscent of Shugendo religion, and can be considered the origin of the Iga school of ninja and ninja skills.

Chikata Kustsu Cave


Approx. 20-minute drive from Aoyamacho Sta. on the Kintetsu Osaka Line


0595-52-5202 (Aoyama Branch, Iga-Ueno Tourist Association)


Takao, Iga City

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